Westview has a long history of providing beautiful settings for weddings. Our policy provides for couples who are not connected to the church, as well as those who are actively involved in the life of this congregation. Westview welcomes all couples, regardless of gender, who are prepared to enter into the sacred bond of marriage. We rejoice with you as you approach this important day. If you are interested in a wedding at Westview, please call our church office: 317-291-7871

Our light, spacious sanctuary easily seats over 200. The entire worship area is wheelchair accessible, including ramp access to the front chancel space. Hearing assistance is offered through a T-loop system.

Our light, spacious sanctuary easily seats over 200. The entire worship area is wheelchair accessible, including ramp access to the front chancel space. Hearing assistance is offered through a T-loop system.

Outside weddings can be held in our Vesper area.

Outside weddings can be held in our Vesper area.

Westview Christian Church Wedding Policy


Love between two people is a gift from God. The decision to be married is one of the most important of your lives. Westview Christian Church joins you in celebrating the love you share and your desire to be married in a Christian setting. In the presence of God and before a community of witnesses, couples enter into a sacred and life-long commitment with God and each other. Below is the policy of Westview, designed to honor the sacred space of the church and the sacred bond the couple is making. We surround you with prayers for God’s grace and love.


Those desiring to be married:

Your first contact will be with the current Senior Minister, who will set a time to meet with you. You may call the church office to set a time (317-291-7871). The wedding date can only be reserved with approval by the minister. In conversation between the couple and the minister, they will decide together whether the marriage will be scheduled. Westview welcomes all couples (regardless of gender) who are prepared to enter into the sacred bond of marriage.


The minister requires at least 3 meetings with the couple preparing to be married. The marriage relationship and the couple’s preparation for it will be discussed. Talking about issues before problems arise gives the couple language and experience for further conversations after the wedding. The focus for these meetings is not primarily looking to the wedding day, but looking to the marriage that will result. The couple and the minister will, however, use one of the sessions to discuss and plan the wedding service itself. The minister will suggest the flow and content of the service, but it is important that the service reflects what the couple wants, so you are free to bring pieces you might want to add to the service.


It is ordinarily expected that the minister of music at Westview will be responsible for any music in the service, although soloists or additional instrumentalists are possible. The minister will help the couple make contact with the minister of music to plan and choose the music.


Getting married at Westview

Westview Christian Church is happy to open our doors for weddings. Of course, Westview welcomes couples who are members of the congregation to be married in the building or vesper area. Westview also welcomes couples who are not members of the church but nevertheless look to the minister of Westview to be their guide and to officiate at the wedding. There are different requirements and fees for each possibility, but each begins with a meeting with the minister. Couples who are not interested in guidance from our minister may contact the church office to inquire about renting space.


The Westview Sanctuary seats approximately 250 people. There is a center aisle. The front (chancel) area is ramped, so the entire space from parking lot to Communion Table is wheelchair accessible. We are ADA compliant. An accessible restroom with changing table is available in the Gathering Area, between the front door and the sanctuary. The sanctuary is equipped with a T-coil (hearing aid) loop, which means our sound system is directly picked up into any hearing aids which have T-coil capacity. There is an organ and a piano in the sanctuary.


Marriage License

The couple must bring the marriage license to the rehearsal. It will be signed by the minister after the wedding ceremony is completed. The church is in Marion County and your license needs to be obtained from the Marion County Clerk. The minister is responsible for mailing in the completed license.


Information and rules for using the building and grounds of Westview Christian Church:

  1. The wedding is a sacred service of worship, so we expect all persons to respect the church space and the couple preparing to be married. Anyone disrespecting the couple or the church will be asked to leave.
  2. Music at the wedding should be religious/sacred music. Popular music and human love songs are appropriate at the reception, but not at worship.
  3. The church coordinator will assist you in preparations for the day.
  4. A wedding rehearsal (usually the evening before the wedding) is expected.
  5. Westview is a smoke-free campus (including parking lot and grounds).
  6. Alcohol is not permitted anywhere on the campus of Westview.
  7. Birdseed may be thrown outside the building as the couple leaves. Bubbles may be blown. Rice, confetti, or helium balloons are not allowed.
  8. Pictures or video recordings are allowed during the wedding service. Photographers may move around to take photos as the participants (including the wedding party) enter. We ask that the photographer stay in a single position after the wedding party has taken its place and the service begins. Since the wedding is a worship service, we are eager that photographers not distract people’s attention.
  9. We welcome the use of flowers or other decorations for your wedding. If you have a florist, please make sure the church office is contacted about arrival of flowers and set-up timing. Of course, you need to explain how any decorations attached to walls, pews, or other furniture will not cause any damage. We need you to explain fully to the minister or wedding coordinator any candle usage. Proper coverings need to be used to prevent wax from falling on furniture, pews, or carpet. Please also let the office know who will be responsible for removing flowers, and if some flowers are being left for the church.
  10. The rooms where the participants dress can be locked during the ceremony. However, the church cannot be responsible for personal items or gifts.
  11. If our nursery facility is used, our church Child Protection Policy requires using our attendants.


Wedding fees are listed below



These guidelines are offered to make sure your wedding day is sacred, joyous, and as stress-free as possible. We want expectations to be clear for all of us. We rejoice with you as your wedding approaches and thank God for the love already binding you to each other.




Policy approved by board, March 14, 2017


Westview Wedding Policy

Fee Sheet


                                                          Westview members                                    Non-members



Sanctuary                                          No fee required                                        $1500

Vesper area wedding                        [but a donation to the                                 $750

(includes rehearsal)                          church is appropriate]


Church Coordinator                            $200                                                        $250

(church member)


Sound Technician                                 $50                                                        $50


Custodian                                            $150                                                      $150

Nursery Attendants*                  $12/hour/attendant                           $15/hour/attendant


Minister of Music                                $200                                                      $250


Senior Minister                            No fee required                                             $500

                                       [an honorarium is appropriate]




A deposit of $250 is required when the date goes on the calendar, with the remainder of the sanctuary fee required one month before.

Full refund is allowed up to 30 days. After 30 days, no refund will be given


Checks for facilities should be made out to Westview Christian Church.


Checks for individuals should be made out in their names.


Fees for custodian, sound tech, coordinator, and nursery attendant are required at the rehearsal.



*our Child Protection policy requires 2 attendants.